In the summer of 2014, American composer Aleksandr Brusentsev asked to write a solo piece for Imogen as part of his Final Master's Project at the Royal Academy of Music.

Alex's Project was called  C O N N E C T . T H E . D O T S  
and involved him writing solo pieces for
Trumpet, Harp, French Horn and Violin. 


Harp: Anne Denholm                          Violin: Tanya Sweiry
French Horn: Jon Farey                      Trumpet: Imogen Hancock




Imogen and Alex worked closely together on the piece, titled ...what's left when...

The title was inspired by a Robin Williams quote:
"...what's right is what's left if you do everything else wrong..."

Imogen chose to perform two movements of Solus by
Stanley Friedman alongside the new work.

You can view the performance on the  
Video page or on YouTube.



 Composer Aleksandr Brusentsev

Composer Aleksandr Brusentsev



The project culminated in a concert in the David Josefowitz Recital Hall (Royal Academy of Music) on 16th September 2014. 

Each performer paired the newly composed piece with another solo piece of their choice, either contrasting with or complimenting Alex's composition.

Around the hall were copies of the scores for the audience to look at, which contributed to their interactive, holistic experience.




Alongside the music, Alex and the soloists all contributed to an online blog about
their experiences of composing/learning/performing the pieces.

You can read more about this here: