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Rambert - Glasgow

  • Theatre Royal, 282 Hope St, Glasgow G2 3QA United Kingdom (map)

Life is a Dream

In the same room, many decades apart: a woman incarcerated, presumed mad. A boy experiencing the world through his computer screen. A theatre group discovering a 400 year-old Spanish play with surprising relevance today.

As their parallel stories unfold, their room transforms. The characters are transported to a bustling city, a dense forest, an opulent garden, a vast arid plain. Could it be that too many of their dreams are coming true?

Life is a Dream is a spectacular new show that combines the vivid dance story-telling of choreographer Kim Brandstrup with the stunning visual imagination of filmmakers the Quay Brothers. Their contemporary take on Calderón’s classic play is a journey through alienation, vengeance, tenderness and redemption, set in an ever-changing, dream-like world and accompanied the rich, harmonious music of Witold Lutosławski, played by a full-size symphony orchestra.

With dramatic and lyrical dancing from our brilliant ensemble, Life is a Dream is a study of desires as recognisable in today’s mass-mediated world as at any time in the past 400 years: the longing for an authentic experience, and the need to dream.

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